About Karen LeVan

Phoenix Productions was started 18 years ago from my desire to provide the goods and services that fit my client’s needs rather than the needs of the company for which I was working. Bottom line I wanted to provide specific, cost effective solutions that fit the legitimate and unique requirements of my clients…hence, Phoenix Productions, a Resource Management Company.

The journey that brought me to this final destination has been a circuitous one, one that has taken me down multiple roads and in multiple directions. My business career started in sales and because I live in the San Francisco Bay Area the obvious choice was high-tech sales, working for Fortune 500 companies such as Basic Four Information Systems, Inc., Oak Communications, Inc. and Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. As the years passed, my accomplishments and successes grew from being a sales representative to being a district, regional and finally a national sales and marketing manager. In the late 80’s, tired and stressed out from being on the bleeding edge of technology, I took a detour and became a consultant in sales and marketing, working with companies to establish their presence in their perspective market places by defining the best means of market penetration. I also developed sales training programs, marketing goals and budget requirements specific to the needs of each company. I worked with companies such as Viacom, Radius, Mad River Technologies and Creative Software. But two of the consulting jobs I accepted were with commercial printers, one with large offset presses and the other with web presses. Later I leveraged that experience to run the Western Regions for Nikon, Inc. and then Sharp Corporation for their electronic imaging products for the graphics and print industry. Finally in 1997 I established Phoenix Productions.

Over all, my life has been an amalgam of experiences from wife, to mother of two sons, to working in corporate America, to running my own company. Along the way, I have written a book, earned a second degree black belt in Judo, run a Judo school and lectured on self-defense and personal safety to groups of both genders and all ages. I attended the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) and finished my college education at Georgia State University with a double major in economics and political science. So while I might complain about my life being too busy, I could never complain that it was boring or that I haven’t had a great time living it.